Made To Measure

Made to measure requires a few alterations to pre tailored items whereas all measurements and cuts are done by hand in the case of bespoke garment.

Made To Measure  is a service that offers you the option to create a suit that is tailored exclusively for you.

* Suits            * Coats
* Blazers       * Waistcoats
* Trousers    * Tuxedos and Dress shirts

You may choose any of these garments with the expert advice of one of our Made To Measure specialists, who will assist you choose a style, fit and a fabric from a choice of hundreds of options that are renewed each season.

You will see your creation take shape down to the last detail as you select lapels, buttons, pockets, linings, collars and cuffs among other options - an exceptional selection of elements that make a made to measure garment so exclusive. 

The garment is then expertly hand crafted in Italy. Delivery times do vary and average 6 to 8 weeks. The final result is a custom item that is a testament to the style and elegance for its wearer, whose name is embroidered inside the jacket.

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